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If you are looking for WastedOptimism, it isn’t here anymore. I guess it’s here, but it isn’t here here. We are now a part of the SBNation group of sports blogs.  You can find us at

If you are looking for an old post, all the archives from here were transferred to the new site so head on over and join in the discussion.

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Pasted Optimism: 8/5/2010

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.  Click here to view archive.

New locker room renovation pics went up on over the weekend. I hope everyone likes bubbly walls and crazy tile patterns. I’m still trying to get confirmation as to whether they are building a locker room, or a set for a 1983 movie that is about the future.  Either way, there is no way that that place isn’t hosting an orgy at some point. Also, jokes aside, it looks pretty bad ass.

Gundy doesn’t want to ban his players from the bars. From a Bill Haisten article:

“Most bad things happen after midnight,” Gundy said on Tuesday. “(However), I am not a firm believer in saying to the . . . guys on our team, ‘You can’t live the normal life of a college student.’ Maybe that’s wrong, but right now, I just don’t feel like you can do that. How can I punish the other 119 guys (as a result of) one guy making a terrible decision?”

What is this? A coach having some perspective and not overreacting to prove to the media and the university that he will take decisive action, even if that action is ineffective and might serve the opposite purpose as its intent? No sir…not on my watch.  As a 61 year old average white Oklahoman, I know that student athletes respond best to being punished, screamed at, isolated, and humiliated.  They hate you at first but eventually learn to love you as they realize that you were borderline torturing them for their own good.  Didn’t Gundy see the movie Coach Carter?

Nebraska SBNation site previews their matchup with Oklahoma State, and has a poll regarding expected results.  I feel like I should mention that it is a really classy poll.

Cowboys are arriving in Stilly today!  YEEEEESSSS!  Football!  Today is a day of paperwork and first practice is set for 8:00 am tomorrow morning.

Also, don’t forget that Fan Appreciation Day is this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 at GIA.  Doors open at 1:00.  Come get some autographs of Cowboy footballers and footballers.  See, the soccer team is there too, so I am sorta playing with the dual use of the word “football” as it applies to both sports.  Did it become funny after I explained it?

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We Are Packing Up, Bookmark Accordingly

August 4, 2010 6 comments

WO packing intern and future plaintiff

For those that may have missed the announcement, we are moving soon.  It looks like most of the development work at the new place is done, and the move to looks imminent.  So as we are preparing for all the changes, we wanted to update all of our readers on a few things… so Evan and Mikael, listen up.

  1. As mentioned previously, we will have a new url that we feel more accurately reflects the tone of the site. Since we are all sex partners friends here, I am going to level with you… when this site was started in 2008, it was intended purely as an outlet for us to entertain each other and a small group of friends through writing some of the dumbest shit you will ever read, and mocking our mutual love and frustration with Oklahoma State athletics (mostly football). The name WastedOptimism came to us one day, and once the name was first uttered we all thought it felt right for the purposes of the site, so we went with it.  As our writing, and interest levels in the site fluctuated and eventually progressed throughout the past two years, the site began taking on a different feel, and eventually turned into what it is today.  A way for us to easily meet high school girls. A much more thorough look at Oklahoma State Athletics, with plenty of self-deprecating humor, and Nebraska insults thrown in.  As such, we feel like we have progressed beyond the good-natured jab of a name that WastedOptimism represented, and have been wanting to switch to a url that has doesn’t have any negative connotation to it.  This move to sbnation provided the perfect opportunity to make that change.  So take note of the new name…. once we move over, the new url for the site will be:
  2. With the new name, and hooking up with a legitimate site, you may be wondering if we will be changing our format in any way.  Oh, you weren’t wondering that?  Ok. Well in case you do wonder that some day, the answer is NO (ALL FUCKING CAPS AND BOLDED).  SBNation in no way wants us to change anything.  And even if they did… well… we would probably do whatever they told us to do.  We have a huge fear of authority types.
  3. The next 3 to 10 days may consist of a less frequent post schedule.  We are in the final stages of setting up the new site and it will require a decent chunk of our time. What kind of work are we doing on the new site you ask?  There is the building, the crafting, and the lubing just to name three things we are working on.  So if we go a day without posting, don’t freak the eff out about the unavoidable flaccidity that comes with missing out on some daily WO… just read back through some archives and your wastedoptimism chub will return.
  4. I think we need to gameplan some angles with everyone here before we move over to sbnation.  We have a unique opportunity to introduce hundreds of million of thousands of people to Oklahoma State culture, and we should take advantage of this.  What I mean is, this sites readers have no idea what we are like, we can be whoever we want and they will assume that we are an accurate representation of Oklahoma State. So what if we mix Swedish words into our sentences here and there.  Or constantly discuss the details of sex reassignment surgery. All the new readers from all over the world will think that is just who Oklahoma State fans are. Or we could be respectful and articulate and clever and impress the pants right off everyone with our O-State loyalty and staggering knowledge of everything Garth Brooks.  Any of those options work for me, or suggest your own and we will work this plan out.

I think that is all for now. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday Cowboys… and get ready to ride… for free.

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Position-alysis: Quarterback

August 3, 2010 6 comments

Continuing the process of semi-analyzing the depth at every position, introducing you to the men playing those positions, and revealing how difficult it is to write something about someone you have never seen play.

Previous Position-alysis:

With today’s Position-alysis we will be taking a look at the quarterbacks.  While we all know who is at the #1 spot here, thanks to 2009 we also all know how quickly things can change.  On any given play, the #2 can become the #1, then #3 becomes #2, then… well, you get the idea of moving everyone up a spot.  So let’s take a look at the starter, and who will be backing him up at the QB spot.

The Starter

Brandon Weeden | 6-4 | 225 | Ju | Edmond

This seems like as good of a place as any to introduce everyone to Weeden’s new nickname:  The Million Dollar Man, Brandon Weeden.

He is a millionaire right?  His signing bonus was for $565k in 2002, and he played in the minors for four years.  Although I can’t find any other details of his pay during that time, I do know that he was traded two years into his contract.  And one thing I know about the MLB farm system, is that for the most part only guys with value are involved in trades.  So I have to assume that for at least two years he was valuable enough to receive his normal minor league pay, plus some sort of bonus, probably equal to at least half of his signing bonus.  And odds are, he received a bonus in his third year as well while he was with the Dodgers.  So all that adds up to a minimum of 1.3 million dollars, meaning that at some point in his life he is/was worth close to, or over, one million dollars.*

*The entire previous paragraph was intended to backup the validity of the photoshop above, and justify Brandon’s new nickname: The Million Dollar Man, Brandon Weeden (MDMBW).

As for Weeden’s abilities as a quarterback, we have only seen glimpses of him, but what we have seen has all Cowboy fans excited about his potential.  At 6’4″, with a rocket arm, and enough mobility to be able to avoid pressure, Weeden has all the physical tools required to be a top flight quarterback.  The question marks surrounding him are his inexperience and decision making ability.

We all remember Brandon’s impressive performance in relief of Alex Cate in the Colorado game (10/15 168 yards 2 TDs), and his Spring game performance seemed to pickup right where he had left off as he was 22/34 for 257 yards and 4 TDs.  Every account out of spring practice has had the same basic message – that Weeden looks extremely impressive and should not be looked at as a typical first time starter.

While we like to make jokes about Weeden being old and banging Golden Girls and going to HS reunions with Bill Snyder, at 26 he really is in the prime of his athletic career and has a mental advantage over everyone else on the field given his background and maturity level.  One of the most important attributes of a quarterback is that they are a leader, and at 26, having been through what he has already been through, there is no doubt that the rest of the offense will look to Brandon as their leader.  I think we are safe in expecting some big things out of MDMBW in 2010.

Click the Jump to read about MDMBW’s backups.

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Fan Shocked at Football Player’s Act of Violence

August 3, 2010 1 comment

As was reported everywhere yesterday, Jamie Blatnick was involved in an altercation at Murphys on the Stillwater strip with former Cowboy, Stephen Denning.  The fight allegedly started when Blatnick hit Denning in the face with a beer bottle. As soon as the story broke, newspapers, sports websites, talk radio, blogs, message boards, and fans everywhere expressed their shock at the violence and anger the starting defensive end was capable of exhibiting.  One particular Oklahoma State fan, Harold Nusten, was especially outraged.  He spent a few minutes with wastedoptimism.

Harold Nusten

“It is just unforgivable that he would hurt another person like that,” began Nusten, “It is just sickening is what it is.  This is a kid that is in a bar, fighting… when he should be preparing to knock the snot out of Washington State quarterback Jeff Tuel in a few weeks. Everyone knows that the Cougars line wouldn’t have been able to stop him and he would have had numerous open shots at a completely defenseless Tuel’s ribcage and head.  Now, come September, instead of basking in the glory of breaking an opponents ribs, he will be sitting in a jail cell or at home questioning his unacceptable violent actions.”

Nusten, his face now flushed and wringing his hands, continued, “It’s just too bad this had to happen.  Jaime had such a promising, socially-acceptable outlet for knocking heads and inflicting pain on others on the field.  It is a just a shame that he would purposefully hurt another person in this manner when there is no scoring involved.  Why can’t athletes that are trained to play one of the most violent sports ever known keep their emotions in check?  I mean they have been taught for years to unleash the warrior within them, to inflict as much pain as possible on whoever stands in their way, to completely beat the hell out of anyone wearing a different color shirt than them, but they are supposed to behave this way only when between the white lines.  I just don’t get how this could happen.”

Nusten had to pause for a few seconds to catch his breath, then continued, “Well hopefully Richetti Jones can step up in his place week 1 and lay some people out. Hopefully he will drive some bodies into the dirt, crack some Cougar heads, and wreck some sternums on the way to a Cowboy victory.”

Nusten finished with, “But this violence off the field just can’t happen.  That energy should be spent punishing your opponents.”

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Pasted Optimism: 8/2/2010

August 2, 2010 2 comments

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.  Click here to view archive.

I wasn’t planning on posting a pasted optimism today, but this Bill Haisten story about what Jamie Blatnick did to Steve Denning’s face with a beer bottle needs to be posted. Ouch! There are many more details in the article. Eyewitnesses are saying that Blatnick was the instigator.  Bad shit going on in the hot Stilly summer.

In a more lighthearted story, Tulsa World published the results of a players survey from Big 12 Media Days, and there were a few surprising results.  Most notably, the OSU-black uniforms were the top vote getter in the best uniforms category… and BPS finished 2nd behind Nebraska in “most hostile environment”.  There was not yet a category for “guy you least want to piss off at Murphys”, but I think we know who would win that.

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Cincy and Sam Answer Some Questions: Part 1

July 30, 2010 8 comments

This is a new feature here at WO where Cincy and Sam will each offer our take on a variety of questions, most of which will focus on how things will shake out for Oklahoma State, and the Big XII, in the 2010 football season.  Some of these questions were submitted by our loyal readers, some came up in everyday conversation, some were part of a Chinasa sex-dream, and some were just made up.  As always, every answer and prediction should be taken as 100% fact… wager accordingly.

Question #1. Which Big XII team will be the biggest disappointment compared to their pre-season projection?

Sam: In my opinion, there are two great candidates here, but I am going to pass over A&M and go with Nebraska (sorry Peliniacs).  I will try to keep this brief, but my main reasons for thinking Nebraska will not be a national title contender mainly have to do with losing Suh. I understand that one player does not make an entire defense, but in Suh’s case… maybe he did. Bill C from Rock M Nation and Football Outsiders does an excellent job of explaining this in his Nebraska D preview:

“When we read about how the Pelinis have figured things out, and how the defense was more than just one person, and Nebraska can expect to be just as good or better on defense despite the loss of House of Spears, all I can say is … prove it.  I don’t mean that in a smack-talking way, I just mean that … damn, Suh was amazing last year.  He commanded double- and triple-teams, opened up the blocking for the rest of the line, and still put up those stats.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Nebraska coaching staff had something to do with his success, and that they can be expected to coach up Jared Crick and other tackles in the future … but that was a once-in-a-decade type of performance last year.  And the thing about once-in-a-decade performances is … they don’t happen every year.  (Brilliant observation, I know.)”

Outside of that, I am down on Zac Lee, and really the offense as a whole who was just a mess of inconsistency last year, highlighted by the up and down efforts of QB Lee. The O-line ranks about the middle of the Big XII in talent, and the receiving corps doesn’t have much punch outside of Niles Paul, so Helo Jr is going to have to stay healthy and have a 1500+ yard season (which is very possible) to keep the offense moving.

Because of all these briefly summarized factors, I predict that Nebraska will not meet expectations in 2010.  Now I don’t mean to completely dash the hopes of Ivory Nation… I do think a 10 win season similar to last year is possible, I just think the high end hopes of running though conference play undefeated, followed by a BCS title game berth, are quite a stretch.  I don’t see Nebraska staying the the top 5, I don’t see them heading to a BCS bowl, and I can’t actually see their fans as they are practically translucent.

My prediction is 8-4, which should still be enough to take the North.

Cincy: Texas Tech.

Under Mike Leach, the Red Raiders became one of the most high powered offenses of all time. New head coach Tommy Tuberville has stated that he will keep things “mostly the same” and will just “refine the offensive scheme that Leach had in place” with a more balanced attack that is focused on running the ball.

In my opinion, Tuberville is from the old school. He wants to play solid defense, control the line of scrimmage and run the ball with authority. Sure, he went out and hired Troy Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown to run the offense, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be dinking and dunking it like they were under Leach.

Mike Leach didn’t recruit guys that were meant to play in a Tuberville style system. He mostly focused on small wide-outs that could get open, lineman that really didn’t have to do a lot of run blocking and defensive guys that were leftovers from all of the other Texas and Oklahoma schools. Simply put, he recruited niche players. That niche worked in the Leach “system”, but  it won’t work for Tubes.

I honestly expect Tech to finish 6th in the South, behind Baylor and Texas A&M.

After the Jump, a few more questions, and some even hotter answers

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Pasted Optimism: 7/29/2010

July 29, 2010 3 comments

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.  Click here to view archive.

With Big XII Media Days taking over the week we haven’t put one of these together in a while. Is everyone alright?  Good.  OK, on to the links.

Oklahoma State picked up commitments number 15 and 16 this week.  Number 16 being Quentin Sargent who has three of my absolutely favorite attributes for a football player.  1) His name is Quentin.. you show me an unsuccessful Quentin and I will show you a picture of Gundy with tousled hair.  2) His entire name is about as bad-ass sounding as it gets. 3)He is listed at the position of “athlete”.

Cowboy Caravan heads to Tulsa tomorrow evening.  Here is a short recap by NewsOK of the OKC one from Wednesday. I couldn’t make it as I was playing week 1 of my NCAA 11 online dynasty and completely forgot about it, but it sounds like a pretty good evening.  A lot of Gundy getting fired up and telling everyone not to believe pre-season projections… Unless they are the 2009 ones that had us as a top 10 team… those are projections we can get behind.

The Victor Johnson situation is still up in the air.

And lastly, Orie Lemon may have given us a taste of the absolutely badassness that will be the Cowboys 2010 poster with a twitpic.

I can’t wait to see what Dan Bailey looks like all orange blooded to the left of Orie there.

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Potential Non-Conference Rivalries for Oklahoma State (reader involvement required)

July 29, 2010 14 comments

One of the beneficial side effects out of all the conference re-alignment mess, it is that we are all now in “improvement” mode with our respective programs.  AD’s, coaches, fanbases, boosters, and groupies of every remaining Big XII team are all asking themselves the same question, “What can we improve to make our athletic program, and institution as a whole, more valuable to potential conference suitors?” (Most common answer: lower the age of consent) It has changed our perspective a little.  For example, instead of thinking of Stilly as a quaint little town where it is fun as hell to spend your late teens and early twenties… now some of us see it as a town that needs some attractions added in order to make it more exciting for visiting fans (btw..suggested improvements to Stillwater will definitely be a future post).

Seeing A&M head into the 2nd year of their renewed rivalry with Arkansas at Jerry World got me thinking that it would be a great thing for O-State to have something similar…a long-term series with a non-Big XII football opponent that would quickly turn into a rivalry.  The off hand benefits I can think of:

  • Improved SOS.
  • Creation of a new tradition.
  • Gets us some national attention by getting us out of our own backyard.  This would force another BCS conference to take a look at O-State every season.
  • Potentially open up a new recruiting pipeline.
  • If the game were always at neutral site, it allows us fans to have a planed destination every season.
  • A more uniform schedule.  As college football fans, we love us some year-to-year predictability.
  • One less Non-Conf game to worry about scheduling for whoever does that.  So it makes one guys job easier. Yeah!
  • A minimum of one (1) lucky girl from the opposing fanbase will get to have a mind-blowing yearly experience with the WO staff at the cheapest motel within walking distance to the stadium.

Well we know the benefits (because I just told you them), now let’s discuss what schools best fit the role of “Long-term Oklahoma State Rival”, and if it would best work at a neutral site or as alternating home games between the two teams?

Click the jump for more words

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Sad Day Cowboys

Bob Fenimore has died at the age of 84.

p.s. Bob Fenimore is displaying more athletic ability just posing for that picture than any of us have ever displayed at any point in our entire lives.

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