Wasted Optimism

We are back…. well, "back"

Welcome Back to Wasted Optimism

Posted by: Samuel

ya...we're an upskirt site now too.

ya...we're an upskirt site now too.

You are welcome for the heartfelt welcome.  It seems like it was just 9 months ago that we got bored with the old site, discovered youporn, took a nap, and quit posting new material.  We know that this extended break disappointed all of our fans (Tom..Gary..we are sorry), and even worse, we disappointed ourselves.  We can only hope you fans can forgive us as quickly as we forgave ourselves and we can all move forward.  Because the way we are looking at it is that is all in the past, and we are now a site that only looks to the future. In no way is that more apparent than the new twitter feed on the right side of the page.  (We read in Details magazine that twitter is the future.  Facebook can totally eat us.)

So yes it’s a new site, neater look, more content, less trying to steal your credit card numbers, but still the same old attempt at being the 6th best website that is centered around a theme of a satirical take on Oklahoma State Football. 
In posts to come we plan to let everyone know what we have been up to these past 9 months, preview the upcoming season, give our rough estimate of the number of girls Zac Robinson has nailed, reveal our trademarked “Bowl Projections” (pretty sure we are the only site that does that), and of course bring you the most comprehensive Iowa State Football coverage on the internet. We are totally shitting our pants with excitement which is the least sanitary way one can possibly express excitement.

Looking forward to another season of wasted optimism.
Hugs and kisses (and maybe more….lets see how this goes)

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