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WO Team-by-Team 2009 Preview: Iowa State

Posted by: John

I think they play Missouri, Kansas and a couple of other teams this year.  They’ve also got a new coach and they might have changed their team name.  Does anyone know if they’ve always been called The Cyclones?

Oh and that Austen Arnaud dude is back at quarterback.  For some reason, he is a cultural phenomenon over here in Japan.  Go figure – makes sense I guess once you figure these are the same people who think it’s the height of fashion to dress up like Hello Kitty.  If I were Austin I’d be thinking strongly of coming over here after school to do a Kirin Beer or Nintendo commercial.

Does this man look Japanese to you?

Does this man look Japanese to you?


One comment on “WO Team-by-Team 2009 Preview: Iowa State

  1. samuelbryant
    August 26, 2009

    The most thorough Iowa State season preview on the web…(i assume)

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