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“The Emancipation of Mimi” and some other shit I did this summer

Posted by: John
Mariah has some excellent ball handling skills
I have to admit.  The offseason was tough on me.  The last thing I
coherently remember about last year was buying a pair of scalped
tickets to the Fiesta Bowl from some Mexican dude outside a gas
station in Tempe.  I swear he said his name was Fidel Castro although
my traveling companion (an outstanding dancer by the name of Mercy)
later told me it was Juan.  Either way, beyond that the past eight
months have come in and out like a radio station does when driving
west from Denver.  There’s lots of static in between the clear spots.

I do remember the last Longhorn drive.  Quan Cosby capping his Texas
career, random tongue kissing between me and a fat couple from
Corsicana, the smell of spilled grain alcohol that Mercy had smuggled
into the stadium in a heart shaped flask she kept tucked in her thong,
a scuffle involving a lost tooth who’s ownership is still in question
and then a long trans-Pacific plane ride in coach that ended with a
too small scooter taxi, me chugging sake and a tortuous wait backstage
for Mariah Carey to start the Japanese leg of her world tour.  Welcome
to Tokyo Bitches.  All in all, I’m glad to be back in the WO saddle.

The road is no place for children or lightweights.  As my new
companion (a fabulous dancer who I only know as my little Wasabi)
nurses the alcohol content from my liver using an herb that costs
roughly $8,000 US dollars per syringe (Thank you Sam for the generous
Western Union – you can consider that a LOAN not a GIFT) I have had
time to contemplate the upcoming college football season and what it
means for Okie State, the Big 12 and that distinctly American
institution we know as college.  I’ve been speaking story ideas into
my nano recorder (a gift from Mariah – the technology they have in
Japan is amazing!) and I think we’re in for some great content both on
the field and here at Wasted Optimism.  As soon as my physicians (and
little Wasabi of course) allow, I’ll be on a plane and winging it back
to the Big 12 gridiron.  Until then I’ll be posting updates from afar.

If nothing else I want Art Briles to know that while I might be
several thousand miles away from his no-dancing, no-drinking, Aggie-
beating house of cards, I’m still watching him.

Sayonara La Vista.

John Titmanson Jr.


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