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We Weren’t Expecting You So Soon

Posted by: Samuel

WO staffer hard at work.

WO staffer hard at work.

Here we were, just sitting around the WO offices for the past few days thinking we had all the time in the world. Just some geniuses, keeping to ourselves, working on getting the the site all dressed up for you, hoping to have a grand opening a couple of weeks from now.  Well we were right in the middle of hanging some new drapes and removing some bloodstains, when, thanks to orangepower.com, you decided to drop by a little early and unannounced.  Where do you get the balls? I had carefully crafted those first few posts to give our site visitors a little background on us once they showed up to read all our genius football analysis. But in your yearning for some of that sweet wastedoptimism content you guys just shit on that plan. Way to go ruiners.
Actually, I am just kidding about all that (you know me, I’m a ball buster). We are more than happy to have you here a little early. As long as you don’t mind a little clutter, feel free to hang out and get to know the family (except for Cinci’s sister….more details on this later…hint: she’s easy).  We have a fancy twitter now that you should follow, and we should be posting pretty often since we are currently pretty post-horny.  For those that loved the old site (re: everyone with eyes), I hope to have all the old stuff moved over to the “Archives” tab soon so we can have a big ol’ reminisce-orgy.
So bear with us for a little bit while we get back on our feet. I promise you will eventually be rewarded with some mind-blowing Oak-State/Big XII analysis that will leave you so impressed, you will immediately run home to tell Cinci’s sister all about it.(Full circle alert)


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