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WO Team-by-Team 2009 Preview: Colorado

Posted by: Samuel
After starting the 2008 season 3-0, including key victories over rival Colorado State and, then ranked, West Virginia, Colorado nose-dived, losing 7 of their last 9. This season they return about half of last years starters to one of the few Big 12 squads that was pretty horribly balanced on both sides of the ball (NCAA Off rank: 95; Def Rank: 86)…….(more after jump)

Outlook For the 2009 Season

  • A fairly impressive trio of running backs all return with Darrell Scott expected to have a breakout season (again).
  • Coach Dan Hawkin’s son, Cody, is back at quarterback this season (which Tyler Hansen, who is “competing” for the starting job, considers to be totally fair).
  • Adding to the offensive mix are a couple of highly recruited wide receivers, Markques Simas (currently suspended) and Andre Simmons (admission problems). The receiver position was a concern for Colorado last year and having these two remarkable athletes sitting at home doing nothing should be a real enhancement. Buffs fans will see marked improvement right away, as Simmons athleticism should serve him well when stretching for the remote, that is all the way across the damn couch, while watching his backups drop pass after pass that should have been intended for him. While not on the other side of the field, Simas will bring sorely needed veteran leadership to sitting at home, having been academically ineligible for the entire 2008 season. There is no substitute for experience and Simas is an “ineligible to play” veteran.


  • They play in the punishing Big XII North which finished a remarkable 18-30 in conference play last season.
  • Plan on a loss Nov. 14th when Colorado has to go on the road to the most unfriendly of confines in….um…Somewhere, Iowa, to take on the feared Cyclones. At last check (I actually never checked) they still have a team and seem to be playing all the Big 12 North teams and 3 teams from the South. Scary shit.

Since it is a requirement that the one time a year we mention Dan Hawkins we have to show the “IT’S DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL! IT’S THE BIG XII!” rant, here you go. (I am still unsure if this is a positive, a negative, or a Gundy, so for now it remains at neutral status.)

Wins: Toledo, Wyoming, Texas A&M, Iowa State1
Losses: Texas, Ok-State, and probably Kansas and Nebraska
Ties: Colorado State, West Virginia, Kansas State, and Missouri
So let’s go with 4-4-4, give or take 4 ties, as my official prediction. I never said I would be specific or even logical with my predictions.

1.Coincidentally these were the exact locations of each of my four college spring break trips.


One comment on “WO Team-by-Team 2009 Preview: Colorado

  1. the_dude_abides
    August 26, 2009

    “Coincidentally these were the exact locations of each of my four college spring break trips.”

    i did laugh pretty hard at this line

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