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How Do We Feel About This Weekend?

Posted by: Samuel

mostly horny?

mostly horny?

Well shit.  I just read the FAQ for wordpress and apparently if we are attempting to host a “topical blog”, it is recommended that we write about subjects that are currently important to our readership. So I guess I have to postpone my article, “How Much I Love BJ’s”1, to another day and write about the damn Georgia game. After all, we do want to fit in with all the other bloggers at the big blog convention in blogtonville next month. I would hate to be shunned for not being current like those guys over at cindy-crawford-is-the-next-big-thing.com, or whatever blog inspires K-State’s hiring decisions.
1Though to be fair, this article would be considered “currently important” by most of our readers dreams.

As we all know by now this is the most important non-sold-out opening game in the history of sports. Quite a unique record to hold. So how is everyone feeling about it? Are we positive? Negative? Bi-curious? As someone who has his finger pressed firmly on the clitoris pulse of Cowboy Nation, I believe I am completely qualified to assess our collective feelings. And my assessment is that we are “cautiously positive with a dash of scared fucklessness”, or CPWDSF for short. (take that Beast M.O.D.E.)

(More after jump. Warning: It gets kinda gay-mushy)

If your feelings mirror mine, you were just “cautiously positive” up until this week (you also wondered if “Over The Top” will forever be the only movie about arm wrestling truckers). Before this week there was some time and distance between us and the game, and everything seemed clear. We have a great offense, Georgia lost some key pieces of theirs. Everyone says the defense is improved. We were rated as having the #1 special teams unit in the nation. The game is in Stillwater. All signs were pointed towards a Cowboy victory. We still kept a tiny doubt in the back of our minds, but all these positive signs outweighed it. Cautiously positive.

Then this week showed up and with it brought back the ol dash of scared fucklessness. We only have one viable receiving threat. Maybe the defense hasn’t improved. Georgia is still Georgia. We always lose games like this.

That last one is the real issue isn’t it? We always lose games like this. Every time it looks as though we are about to leap to that next level, we lose a game like this and are reminded of our place in the Big XII and the national picture. (that place is lovable underdog, but handsome and can win a chug race)

So here we are at this crossroads again and as we inch closer and closer to kickoff we all are letting those old feelings of doubt overtake us (yes I am still speaking for everyone). What do we do? Ignore it? Find a different team to follow? No. We embrace it. This is what being a Cowboy fan is. This unwavering belief that we are talented enough to play with the elite programs, coupled with a crippling fear that we are going to have our hearts broken yet again. This is our identity. I have written about this before on this site but I can’t imagine how unsatisfying it must be to be an OU or UT fan. Where is the drama in following those teams? Their fans are pissed if they lose and meh if they win because it was expected anyways. We are not that type of fan. We are the lovable underdog that has had its heart broken for years. We are self-doubting and optimistic at the same time. We are the main character in a romantic comedy. We are who the audience roots for.
While we don’t know if it is going to happen for us this weekend, we do know two things:
1) That until it does happen we will doubt that it ever will.
2) That sometime it IS going to happen.
We are going to take that step and it will be pure elation. A weight will be lifted, everyone will smile, children will dance with puppies, a happy Maroon 5 song will start playing, and we will embrace that moment knowing that the payoff was worth the heartbreak. But until our moment comes (this Saturday?), we will continue hoping and doubting. We will continue being Cowboy fans.

2 comments on “How Do We Feel About This Weekend?

  1. pokoloco
    September 4, 2009

    You’ve crystalized my thoughts quite eloquently. You magnificent bastard!

  2. El Gordo
    September 4, 2009

    Will the “Ghosts of Cowboys Past” take to the field Saturday, just as we’re sure to pull off the win? Wouldn’t be the first time. Luckily, I learned early in life how to drink my post-game sorrows away until the memory is just a blur.

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