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What Do We Know?

Posted by: Samuel

It's alright Mark.  Just take the amount of gel you currently use, multiply that by 15, and apply hourly.

It's alright Mark. Just take the amount of gel you currently use, multiply that by 15, and apply hourly.

It would be nice if real life football were like video game football. When you are playing a season of Madden or NCAA Football you know how good each opponent is, and the implication of each game result. You know if you are matched up with the 13th ranked team that they really are considered the 13th best team in your gaming system’s electronic brain, which in the world of your virtual team equals absolute truth. Hell, most games actually assign a skill level to each team you play, therefore if you beat Georgia who is a 98 out of a possible 100, you know you just did something impressive. I mention this because I so wish we could correctly process last weekend’s results with the certainty I feel after a game on my Playstation 5 (ya 5 …I have an in at sony).

Unfortunately in the world of non-pixelated football, some time has to pass before we are sure of the perspective to assign to Ok-State’s victory, and for that matter most of the results from this weekend. Was it the greatest non-conference victory in the history Oklahoma State Football, or is Georgia actually a mediocre team disguised as the 13th best? Is it possible to be flagged for a false start three days after the clocked ticked 00:00? Can I use the fact that I was drunk and elated from the win to explain away an entire Saturday night spent asking strangers if they believed in, then offering evidence of, a “victory boner”? With these and many more unanswerable questions hanging over our heads, I thought I would focus today’s post on what we do know. What we know:

  1. Dez Bryant is even more unbelievable than we thought (in both talent level and dedication to shit-talking)
  2. With all the hype centering around the triplets on offense, Ok-State’s best player is probably the DB/return specialist in the #16 jersey.
  3. We can tackle.  While it is obvious the defense is improved, the Georgia offense seemed so disjointed through most of the game that I am not 100% sold on Ok-State having a “good” defense quite yet.  I am, however, completely sold on our ability to tackle.  Guys were wrapping up, hanging on to ankles, delivering big hits … it’s the same proven method Ricky uses to land the ladies.
  4. Colorado looked horrible, OU looked worse, the rest of the big 12 represented.  10-2 with a couple of landmark wins (OK-State, Baylor), and a couple unexpectedly dominant performances (Missouri, A&M).  Plus, as a conference, we totally took it to the state of North Dakota (thanks to Tech and ISU).  It was about time those ice-fishing, Canada-touching bastards were taken down a peg. (note: they remain on peg zero).
  5. You are better off just saying you believe in the “victory boner”.
  6. The rankings will still be bullshit.  My continuing crusade to have rankings actually be based on accomplishment and not arbitrary pre-season order is most easily accomplished after week 1.  It is the easiest week to compare exactly what each team has done so far.  Top 5 should be BYU, Alabama, Ok-State, Boise St, Miami, in that order.  At this point they have accomplished the most.  Seems easy doesn’t it?
  7. Ok-State belongs in the top 10.  Sure the game was a little ugly.  Sure we don’t know exactly how good Georgia is yet.  But we know that we handled them.  We took care of what we needed to take care of and proved we belong.  Proved we are capable of winning games like this.  Capable of taking that next step toward becoming an elite program.  And to think all these years …. all that was missing was $300 million dollars.  Who would have thought?  Funny how it’s always the little things isn’t it?

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