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OU Fan insists it’s not too late for Bradford to turn pro

Posted by: John

Tyler Gordon (Ardmore High, Class of ’99) was surprised to learn recently that yes, it IS too late for Sam Bradford to turn pro this year and be considered for the 2009 NFL football season.

Speaking from a recliner at the La-Z-Boy Outlet where he has been considered a “top salesman” for the past two years, Gordon insisted that Bradford was still eligible to play in the NFL for 2009 and should consider declaring “immediately”.  “He should do it right away,” said Gordon.  “I can think of a lot of teams that would want him even with the busted shoulder.  Maybe Detroit.”

When told that Bradford had passed on the draft to stay in school for another year Gordon was skeptical.  “Y’all keep talking about this school thing that is supposed to be attached to the stadium,” said Gordon, “they must not have any students then cause I don’t know anyone that goes there.”

Gordon plans on starting a grass roots campaign to get Bradford into the NFL for 2009.  “Hell, we might just make the entire Sooner Nation the 29th team in the NFL and make ’em all go pro.  Then Bob Stoops can be President”  Gordon crowed!  “That would teach ’em to fuck with the Big Red!”

That’s right Tyler.  Problem solved.



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