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Mike Gundy Kills Another Quarterback (‘s career)

Posted by: Samuel

So Coach Gundy’s plan to ruin the lives of all quarterbacks not named Zac has progressed. He has claimed his second victim.

For those that don’t know, Mike Gundy loves to destroy quarterbacks. He first gained an appreciation for the taste of that sweet QB blood two years ago when he ruined Bobby Reid’s life with his tirade about what a good, defenseless boy he was (you may have seen it on youtube). Like all killers, once they get through the first one, they only want more as an unrelenting bloodlust overtakes them. Since it is currently illegal for Coach Gundy to actually murder quarterbacks, he has chosen to fight a more unconventional battle and just ruin their career and, if possible, their lives.
This time he has figured out a strategy so clever that it actually appears legitimate to the untrained eye. His new method is to construct a decent defensive scheme that will force opposing teams to consider pulling their starting quarterback.  Yes, Joe Cox has fallen victim to this newest technique and is now basically competing for his own job.  For now Gundy is sated.

Will someone call the photoshop police

Will someone call the photoshop police

Some of you make be thinking; “Hey, maybe he just wants a better defense so Ok-State can win some games and contend for a national title”. In return I would like to ask you naive bastards: Which scenario seems more likely?

  1. That Mike Gundy is a good coach who wants to make his team better and build a prominent program that his alma mater can be proud of.
  2. That Mike Gundy secretly thirsts for the blood of quarterbacks, and murder is currently illegal, so he has built up a football program to the point that they can be good enough to have a defense capable of destroying opposing quarterbacks lives as just another method to curb his bloodlust until it is time to be released.

I leave it up to you to decide.  (p.s.  your decision is scenario #2)


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This entry was posted on September 11, 2009 by in Georgia game, Gundy.
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