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Gundy asks NCAA for “do-over”

Posted by: John

Wasted Optimism has learned from internal sources that Mike Gundy will officially petition the NCAA for a “do-over” of Saturday’s game with the Houston Cougars.  According to our sources, Gundy will invoke the rarely used “just kidding” defense to convince NCAA officials that he and the rest of the Oklahoma State football team were the perpetrators of a giant joke and that indeed, we all DID fall for it.

According to Gundy, he and Zac planned all four OSU turnovers giggling like schoolgirls each time they put it on the ground.  “C’mon!” said Gundy, “you don’t think we’d REALLY throw that pick on the final drive of the fourth quarter?  It was all a big joke!  We were just trying to interject some of that Cowboy humor into the game.”

Normally reserved Dez Bryant is trying to parlay the OSU caper into a third SI cover petitioning the editors on Monday to run a picture of him sprawled out on the turf with cramps and the headline “What a joke.”

Got ya!

Got ya!

Gundy admits his biggest mistake was in not actually telling anyone, including the Cougars, that the Pokes would be perpetrating this major gameday hijinks.  “In retrospect, we probably should have let them in on it,” says Gundy.  “That one’s on me.”

Yep Coach.  That one is on you.


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