Wasted Optimism

We are back…. well, "back"

Slight Format Change

After tons of research and extensive polling (giggle) we have decided to make a little change to the formatting here at WO.  Our research tells us that our readers want to know who is going to post something and when so that is what we are giving you demanding a-holes.  We have decided to implement a posting schedule by writer.  Here is the schedule:

Mondays – John Titmanson Jr.           
Topics to Expect: Texas Football, hating Art Briles, the many tales of his attempts to bang Kendall Hunter

Tuesday – Cincinnati Joe                   
Topics to Expect: Unprotected sex with Cincy Joe, Zac Robinson’s sex life (its amazing how often these 2 subjects overlap)

Wednesday – Samuel Bryant            
Topics to Expect: Uplifting stories from the point of view of a die hard fan, oh… and tons of upskirts

Thursday – Ricky Tornado                
Topics to Expect: Recipes, weather coverage, Bowl predictions

Friday – TBD
Topics to Expect: Maybe a sampling of our favorite fan mail from the week. Maybe a reader submission. Probably porn links.


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