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Ricky Tornado’s Supper Club Presents: Robert Stoops

Posted by: Ricky
My date -- Big Game Bob

My date -- Big Game Bob

A lovely evening in Norman, OK (or “the NYC just south of the OKC of the Heartland”) as we are cruising up I-35 in my Mazdarrati.  Bob is looking particularly dapper this evening as he joins me for the first edition of Ricky Tornado’s Supper Club.  I immediately recognize the brilliant suit.  Valentine Lluomo and it’s fully canvassed!  My heart skips a beat.  We finally arrive at our culinary destination.  Robert has chosen the fiercely delectable Le Barrel De Cracker. 
We start off with a daring dish of miniature chicken appendages covered in a red heat sauce.  Bob chooses a bold accommodation of Budweiser Light ale.
A bold, fresh piece of foulplay

A bold, fresh piece of foulplay

RT: “Coach, it is a treat to watch you order.  Your enthusiasm obviously carries over from the field to the kitchen.  Do you find that food and football share a familial trait or are they simply a mere coincidence?”
BS: “I don’t much pay attention to that. Counting things up just doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy the process. I enjoy the games. I enjoy the competition. Love seeing the players every day. You get to be in a challenging situation every week.  That’s just not my style to worry about any of that. In the end, there will be a record — so what? I’m going to do the best I can with good people, have some fun and hopefully do well.”  
For our main course, Bob has once again proved himself to be a play-calling maverick as he has selected a hearty sampling of Chicken n’ Dumplins, Meatloaf and Country Sugar Cured Ham.  No surprise when Robert sends my palatal instincts into Overtime (SPORTS term!) by adding a side of fried potato strings covered in a rich mixture of sea salt and cracked peppercorn.  A last second audible(!) came in the guise of Coach Stoops’ bold pairing of 1945 Mouton Rothschild with our meat platter.
Real tomato ketchup, Bobby?

Real tomato ketchup, Bobby?

RT: “You are not only respected in the world of college football, but most people would find it a bit amusing that you are highly regarded in the Norman culinary community as a revolutionary on the skillet.  Do you find it hard to balance your love of game and grill? 
BS: “There’s a ton of football to go. You guys can project all that. I’ve never been involved in trying to project the first or second week where you’re going to be for a Big 12 or national title.  It’s a long road. You just have to keep working and try to improve as you go.” 
RT: “Wait… wha’?
BS: “Once you’re on the field, and you start playing, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing. You’re between the lines and you do your job, focus on trying to win.”
Goes great with a spicy meatloaf and fries

Goes great with a spicy meatloaf and fries

After a rather rapid devouring of our main course, it comes time for my favorite(!) selection:  the dessert!  Coach graciously acquiesces the final play call to yours truly and a critical gametime decision: Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake or Chocolate Cobbler with Pecans and Ice Cream.  Editor’s note: In the interest of full disclosure, OU Athletics Department is currently in sponsorship with Coca-Cola. The choice is easily made.  Double Fudge Coca-Cola Cake and a delicious Chocotini featuring premium rum, white creme de cacao, triple sec and Kahlua®.
Yummy in my tummy with a bottle of rummy

Yummy in my tummy with a bottle of rummy

RT: “Coach, this dinner has been a real adventure.  I think you and I can agree that we’ve scored a winning touchdown this evening.  Are you concerned that the loss to BYU has impacted your chances at laying another egg in the national championship game this year and thus sealing your fate as a flash in the pan coach who year after year is handed a golden ticket to represent the Big 12, only to come up short every time? “
BS: “How do you want to handle the check?  Dutch?”

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