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Problems at the WO Offices

Posted by: Samuel

After previously calling out his esteemed colleague for being a little late with his post earlier in the week, Ricky Tornado is currently 12 hours past his due date for this weeks post. The wastedoptimism offices are so full of tension right now that even Bo Pelini would be uncomfortable. John has had to be talked out of “quitting and leaving a steamer on Ricky’s desk” twice today, Cincy has been slapped for trying to be “some kind of pussy ass peacemaker”, and Ricky just came in to my office and asked for three condoms and John’s sister’s address. Hopefully this will all be sorted out by next week and we will all be getting along and resume our normal brilliance.

For now …. the greatest youtube video of all time.


One comment on “Problems at the WO Offices

  1. John Titmanson Jr.
    September 26, 2009

    I’ve got a better chance with Kendall Hunter than Ricky does with my sister. Remember Ricky – only one of the Titmanson spawn likes men of color.

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