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Art Briles Announces Transfer

In a move questioned by some but widely understood by most, Baylor coach Art Briles has requested a mid-season transfer to Lone Star Conference powerhouse Abilene Christian State University.  While strongly denying that this move has anything to do with the season-ending ACL injury to Baylor quarterback Robert Griffen, Briles did cite the lack of faith he had in his team as a whole when describing the move to a reporter from The Baylor Lariet.

“The whole thing f**king blows” Briles said, “I lost my entire f**king offense on one play.  How am I going to beat A&M now?”  After what we can only assume was a short crying jag, Briles then added, “Does anyone know where that Riggs (Northwestern State’s Gary Riggs) kid lives?  I’m going to have my wife go over there, pray with him then kick his f**king ass.”

When informed that a move would violate the terms of his contract and that transferring is really more of a thing players do, Briles feigned ignorance and insisted the place to find him would be on the ACU Wildcats sideline next Saturday.  “It’s a good school and a good program,” said Briles of ACU.  “Where else can you find some good on-field fellowship AND beat the holy crap out of Tarleton?  I just hope the my Baylor players understand that I can’t be tied to a sinking ship.”

Wasted Optimism and yours truly in particular will be watching this developing story with interest.  Abilene_Christian


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