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Why is College Baseball Not More Popular?

I know that I am thought of as a master of brilliant re-direction.  Like you are probably assuming that I would title a post as a question but, being that I am Charlie Sheen clever, the actual write-up would be an answer to that question instead of me just looking for answers.  However in this case I am truly dumbfounded.  Doesn’t it seem like college baseball should be more popular?  Follow me on a comparison journey:

Baseball is a sport that thrives on tradition, statistics, strategy, a relaxed atmosphere, and beautiful weather.

College campuses exude an atmosphere of tradition, achievement, free-time, nostalgia, and beautiful scenery.

Surely we all see the overlap in the college atmosphere and the baseball atmosphere right?

On top of that, one of the main arguments pro sports haters use is that college sports are more pure and the athletes have more desire.  Add to that the fact that most hardcore sports fans believe there is no sport more pure than baseball.  So college athletics are pure, baseball is pure, but nobody cares about college baseball?  I can’t understand it.

I should note that it is not like I am some big time college baseball fan that is looking for more supporters.  I know nothing about the current season.  Nothing.  So my own lack of interest is as confusing to me as the lack of interest as a whole.

It just seems like excitement for baseball games should be as ingrained in campus life as hacky, parties, and date rape.  (note: all my campus imagery comes from the movie Higher Learning.)  I know I personally loved going to afternoon games at Allie P when I was in school, but I often knew little of the affect each game had on standings or anything, I just loved the atmosphere and watching baseball as I would think most college students would.  So why aren’t we watching or caring?

While I know our traffic is down thanks to all our readers inexplicably abandoning us these past 6 months, I am hoping to get some feedback with some theories as to why college baseball isn’t more popular.

For what it’s worth (ya.. I could have internet acronymed that), here is my short list of guesses:

  • Metal bats
  • Minor league baseball takes all the best players
  • There has never been a good movie about college baseball
  • Too many white supremacists (again… Higher Learning)
  • Chicken or egg theory… Is it unpopular because it has never been popular?
  • No ice cream in a helmet

5 comments on “Why is College Baseball Not More Popular?

  1. samuelbryant
    April 27, 2010

    Is it weird that I am suddenly posting things without referencing that the site has been inactive for 6 months?
    It feels weird, but I am tired of apologizing for my laziness so I’m just going to ignore the elephant. Plus I think this is only being read by spam-bots at this point anyway…which I actually don’t mind. None of my human readers has ever offered me a Rolex from Russia or Gucci bags.

  2. formerlyanonymous
    April 27, 2010

    Mostly unpopular due to minor leagues taking all the best players. Football has no such minor league, and basketball, for the most part, doesn’t either. The developmental leagues don’t contain the best prospects, colleges do.

    So with the lack of depth, particulary at pitcher, you get stuck with mid-week and Sunday games that are of poor quality. Unfortunately, the few games that made it on TV outside of the College World Series tended to be Sunday games featuring teams’ third starters, if they have that many. All the talent at pitcher got used up on Friday when college baseball gets no air time.

    The other hypothesis I have involves geography. There aren’t good teams up near New York or Connecticut. There aren’t that many good teams near Chicago. Most of America’s largest and oldest cities don’t have good college teams around them. Most of the talent is situated in the southeast or southwest. Midwest and Northern teams overall have a couple huge disadvantages in weather when it comes to recruiting and practicing.

  3. samuelbryant
    April 28, 2010

    I had not thought of the geography thing. That is a solid point. Especially considering where ESPN is located. And it is really difficult for a sport to gain popularity when it is so regional. It is the same situation as college hockey but with the geographies reversed.

    Excellent point ‘only guy with a Big 10 baseball blog’!

  4. snatch
    May 1, 2010

    Cuz baseball is gaaaaaaaay

  5. cincyjoe
    May 7, 2010

    There are college baseball teams?

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