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Greedy Big 10

Will this classic rivalry leave the Big 12?

After spending decades indoors working on their un-tans, the Big 10 has finally decided to make a play for two of our Big 12 North brethren (as well as a couple of other schools I have never heard of).  While all the other news outlets (are we a news outlet?) are debating whether Nebraska or Missouri will leave the Big 12, at wastedoptimism we are just excited that they left us Iowa State.  Thank you Big 10 conference for not trying to steal away the jewel of the Big 12.

So let’s assume the move happens.  How does this affect the Big 12?

  1. The South can hopefully make up some ground on the North in football.  This dominance has continued for too long and hopefully this would bring a little parity.
  2. Doesn’t this force the Big 12 into a situation where we have to look into partnering with the Pac-10 or acquiring some smaller conference schools in the area?  Possibly Utah, BYU, Houston, New Mexico, New Mexico State, YardDawgs, etc.?
  3. It would remove Bo Pelini from the conference. While this would no doubt bring a welcome reduction in the number of “deaths by ball crushing” in the Big 12, we would of course miss his press conferences and tweets.
  4. I repeat… we still have Iowa State.
  5. Supposedly the Pac-10 has had their eye on Colorado, does this force their hand and they end up leaving as well?  Does it hippies?
  6. Is there a worst case scenario where the Big 12 dissolves completely?  This one seems pretty unlikely, however it can’t be ruled out.  If enough teams leave and the Big 12 can’t replace them, or partner with another conference, it can’t sustain with 9 (or fewer) teams.  If this does happen, can I please put my vote in for OSU (and hopefully all the OK and TX teams) moving west to the PAC-10 and not to the SEC or Big-10?  I have spent too much of my life hating those conferences to have to switch sides.

Overall, you would have an easier time finding a female that doesn’t think the Lady Antebellum song “Need You Now” was written specifically for and about themselves than finding someone that thinks this is a good thing for the Big 12.  I know that it could lead to some overall conference realignments that could benefit all the current Big 12 teams, and I know that we like to make fun of the North, but honestly this move has to scare us.  These other power conferences and their TV deals (and sometimes entire networks) are looking to make college football about money.  (And one thing I have always respected is that college football has never been about money.  It is about kids out there working their butts off and getting a good education. – Hi, I am an 81 year old naive fan that misses the days of Red Grange).

When it comes down to money issues the Big 12 is unfortunately lacking.  We don’t have as many big enrollment schools in the Big 12 as the other power conferences, hence less alumni, hence lower TV ratings (2 hences!).  We don’t have AS lucrative of a TV deal. There is a striking power imbalance between the North and South.  What we have are penalties for leaving the conference, which really is the only deterrent at this point.

Well, we will see I guess.  For now, we have at least one more year of Pelini tweets, one more year of Missouri’s “every guy we have is 6’7″ and can run for 90 straight minutes” style of basketball, and a lifetime of Iowa State football.

6 comments on “Greedy Big 10

  1. yachoff smirnoff
    May 11, 2010

    This is bad. You think we’ve been whipping boys before, you all just wait till we have to play some SEC superconference combo of OU/Texas/A&M *and* LSU or Alabama or Florida or Auburn or Georgia every year.
    The best thing that can happen if MU and NU jump is that the big 12 picks up Utah in the North and either TCU or Houston from the South. That’ll mean some rearranging. If by some slim chance miracle we get put in the north of the new big 12 we could be dominant, just having to fight off Utah (or equivalent) and the rising phoenix of Bill Snyder’s Wildcats. This would actually be a better position than we are in now, IMO. Or we stay in the South were we are now and continue our desperate march toward that golden brass ring against OU, crying in vain for just one solitary lick. That, as we all know, is no way to die.
    More likely is that the Texas sized tourniquet kills the big 12, MU/NU get out to the big 10, Colorado goes west to the Pac-10 (suckers), OSU/OU/UT/ATM go to the other new college football 16 team superpower, and the rest, well who cares? That’s even if they bite on the Oklahoma legislatures halfhearted attempt to make OU/OSU a package deal. The SEC isn’t looking at us any more than the dude at the bar looks at the fat friend of the girl he wants to score with. (‘But we have such a good personality!’)
    One more facile analogy and I will shut up. This situation will play out like the movie “The Dirty Dozen”. The Big 12 (The dozen), are being shot at by the sniper fire of the big10 (Nazis), who can’t stand for competition in their quest for world domination. The Big12 needs to band together and pour some symbolic gasoline and detonate figurative grenades on the greedheads of the big10 who don’t want MU/NU because they are good teams, but because they want to kill the rest of us. The big10’s goal is to divide and conquer, and the Big12 has been divided as Texas vs. ‘the rest’ since day 1. So we either unite of start learning German.

  2. cincyjoe
    May 11, 2010

    I disagree.

  3. samuelbryant
    May 11, 2010

    First off…I have to give cincyjoe the edge in the “most well explained comment” category.
    Secondly, while this all seems very doom and gloom the main thing to remember here is that OSU is a top 20 revenue producing athletic program. We will not end up out of a power conference so that isn’t a concern. (I know you didnt say this Yachoff but I have heard it mentioned that we could be left out in the cold… not happening)
    The NCAA seems destined to end up with 4 power conferences consisting of the top 50-80 revenue producing schools. Odds are that the ACC and Big East’s top teams combine, Big 10 takes most of the Big 12 North while most of the South goes to the SEC, and the PAC-10 picks up the leftovers. (Iowa State will be on a rotation where they move to a new power conference every year. This is the only way to satisfy every conference as they all want some of that sweet ISU football.)

  4. yachoff smirnoff
    May 11, 2010

    Whether it be a new blood Big12 or joining the SEC, nobody knows what will happen, least of all myself, but joining the SEC is not going to be pretty OSU football to watch. I know every team in the SEC is subject to down years, i.e. Alabama in the Petrosun bowl, Georgia last year, but contending for any sort of SEC conference championship will now be out of the question. What sucks most is that it feels like we are at the precipice of a championship/BCS bowl in the next 5 years. We don’t want to get left out in the cold, i.e. Baylor, but do we really want to become another Mississippi State or Vanderbilt in the SEC? The alternative to this in a Big12-less world is being demoted to some smaller conference, which isn’t a good option either, but the question do you want to be a big fish in a small pond, or vice versa? Winning in the C-USA would be next to meaningless, but I think never winning the SEC would be worse.

    • samuelbryant
      May 11, 2010

      I agree that we would be a small fish in a much bigger pond… however the bar for a successful season will change with it. I have to assume (in the SEC scenario) we would be in the revamped west with OU, LSU, Miss, Miss St, Ark, Bama, Auburn. I don’t consider that to be that much better than the Big 12 south. Better yes, but not insurmountable. Hell, 2 years ago the top 3 title contenders were all from the Big 12 south. We would have an opportunity to win the West.
      Also.. with 4 power conferences the BCS would change where maybe the winner of the West and winner of the East get a BCS birth.. 3 SEC teams might get BCS births each year.
      Plus it opens up new recruiting areas… and we should be able to pull more recruits from Texas as the assumption is that the TX schools would move to the PAC-10 and there are a ton of recruits that would rather play in the SEC.
      I know i sound like Jimmy Sunshine here but I dont really think that the move affects how good or bad of a program we are… it may change the measuring stick.. but we would still be an improving program.
      Here could be a typical schedule in the revamped SEC West:
      1. Non-conf
      2. Non-conf
      3. Non-conf
      4. Vanderbilt
      5. @Bama
      6. Miss
      7. Arkansas
      8. Auburn
      9. @Tennessee
      10. @LSU
      11. @Miss St
      12. OU

      That doesnt scare me that much. I do realize that we would play Florida and Georgia in alternate years but still. Last season we probably would have been 8-4 or possibly 9-3 with that schedule. Losses to OU, @LSU, @Tenn, @Bama and maybe we squeak one of those out.

  5. yachoff smirnoff
    May 11, 2010

    Getting to play Arkansas again every year might be cool. Especially since the bastards would have to travel to Stillwater every other year. Never seemed fair that we always played them in their state, then again maybe I’m just bitter because when we played them I wasn’t born yet. Maybe you’re right that we could have a shot in this new *still hypothetical* configuration, or at least as much a shot as we do now. Attending many road games for me will be a thing of the past, there is no way in hell I’m driving 10 hours to see us beat the piss out of Vandy. And they’re in the middle of the SEC. Now I know how ISU and CU must feel.

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