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Big XII Athlete of the Day (5/13/2010)

Say Hi (or “yo” if you are hip, right dawgs?) to the newest feature here at wastedoptimism. (I believe this brings us up to a total of one(1) feature.  I only ask that you aren’t mislead by the “of the day” part of the title into thinking this will actually be a daily feature.  Why were you even thinking that?  It’s just that the title sounds catchy and I want to make sure this post is seen as just an innocent site feature and not like I just wanted to post something about this particular athlete.)  So faithful reader(s), enjoy the first ever crowning of The wastedoptimism Big XII Athlete of the Day.

I figured for the first run of this, the Athlete of the Day should be from OSU, and since the Big 12 softball tournament is coming up (as if you didn’t know that already…it’s written down right there in your softball themed Franklin Covey planner) lets honor a Cowgirl softball player.

The Big XII Athlete of the Day for May 13th, 2010 is: Breana Casaus.


That picture is kinda small… let’s see what else we can find before we get to listing her stats.  Oh… here we go:

(more after Jump)

Well Hi

Hmmm… wow.  Ok so… on to her stats.  On the season Breana is batting a sexy .316 overall and a sultry .500 with runners in scoring position.  She is a perfect (and I mean perfect) 8 for 8 on stolen base attempts, and in fact ranks a smokin hot 11th all time at Oklahoma State in stolen bases.

Breana (who is currently on the injured list) is normally the starting left fielder for the Cowgirls, but we are pretty sure she would be great in any position.

So congratulations Breana on being “honored” as the first ever wastedoptimism Big XII Athlete of the Day.  Maybe one day we will be able to honor you in person as I’m sure this completely comfortable and not-creepy write-up has made that totally possible.

Good Luck this weekend Cowgirls!!


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  1. cakeman
    May 13, 2010


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