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Big 12 Media Days 2010: Day 3 Recap


Mack Brown UT

Yee Haw!

Thanks to Mack Brown, Day 3 of the Big 12 Media Days was much more entertaining than Day 2.

He said knew before the National Championship game even started that quarterback Garrett Gilbert didn’t expect to play. He said Gilbert’s eyes were “as big as silver dollars” when he told him to replace an injured Colt McCoy.

“He ate all of his steak at the team dinner and wasn’t nervous,” Brown said of Gilbert. “You can always tell the guys that say ‘Can I get some of your steak’ aren’t going to play.”

Mack also had a good response to a question from a reporter about the OU/Texas game.

“You mean the Texas/OU game?” Mack replied.

And the crowd goes fucking wild!

There wasn’t much to report from the Colorado and Kansas sessions. If I had to pull highlights, it would be KU Coach Turner Gill saying that his players have spent the summer “building relationships” and Colorado coach Dan Hawkins saying “There are far more 3 star players that make it to the NFL than 4 and 5 star players”

There are a lot more girls that are between 1’s and 4’s too, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna settle for them. Give me the 8-10’s…


We are stars. There are alot of us.

Closing the day, and the whole thing I suppose, was OU coach Bob Stoops.  He expressed his confidence in QB Landry Jones as a leader, saying that compared to last year it was like “Night and Day

Stoops also said that Running Back Demarco Murray could be as good as Adrian Peterson.

Demarco Murray > AD?


I’m not really sure how to take this. Stoops has either lost his mind after a long, injury riddled season and a Sun Bowl trip – or we should all be terrified. Personally, I’ve never been that impressed with Murray. Give me Kendall Hunter, or Alexander Robinson. 

 I’d say the Big 12 Media Days were somewhat uneventful. We don’t really know anything more than we did on Monday. Come to think of it, we may know less.


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