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Potential Non-Conference Rivalries for Oklahoma State (reader involvement required)

One of the beneficial side effects out of all the conference re-alignment mess, it is that we are all now in “improvement” mode with our respective programs.  AD’s, coaches, fanbases, boosters, and groupies of every remaining Big XII team are all asking themselves the same question, “What can we improve to make our athletic program, and institution as a whole, more valuable to potential conference suitors?” (Most common answer: lower the age of consent) It has changed our perspective a little.  For example, instead of thinking of Stilly as a quaint little town where it is fun as hell to spend your late teens and early twenties… now some of us see it as a town that needs some attractions added in order to make it more exciting for visiting fans (btw..suggested improvements to Stillwater will definitely be a future post).

Seeing A&M head into the 2nd year of their renewed rivalry with Arkansas at Jerry World got me thinking that it would be a great thing for O-State to have something similar…a long-term series with a non-Big XII football opponent that would quickly turn into a rivalry.  The off hand benefits I can think of:

  • Improved SOS.
  • Creation of a new tradition.
  • Gets us some national attention by getting us out of our own backyard.  This would force another BCS conference to take a look at O-State every season.
  • Potentially open up a new recruiting pipeline.
  • If the game were always at neutral site, it allows us fans to have a planed destination every season.
  • A more uniform schedule.  As college football fans, we love us some year-to-year predictability.
  • One less Non-Conf game to worry about scheduling for whoever does that.  So it makes one guys job easier. Yeah!
  • A minimum of one (1) lucky girl from the opposing fanbase will get to have a mind-blowing yearly experience with the WO staff at the cheapest motel within walking distance to the stadium.

Well we know the benefits (because I just told you them), now let’s discuss what schools best fit the role of “Long-term Oklahoma State Rival”, and if it would best work at a neutral site or as alternating home games between the two teams?

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Before we just start listing teams, I think there should be a few rules:

  1. Only teams from a BCS conference, or possibly a very elite mid-major (like a Boise).  No offense intended to Tulsa, but very few of those listed benefits would apply to a series with a team from Conf-USA.
  2. We should focus on teams that are on a similar standing as Oklahoma State.  No Ohio State’s or USC’s, and on the shittier side of the spectrum,  no Wash State’s or Duke’s.  This post is a decent reference of teams.
  3. Regionality counts for something, but with expanding conferences looming it is not as much of a necessity as it would have been if we were having this discussion 10 years ago.  In fact, if re-alignment talk were to be believed, the further away the better as it would then affect more TV’s in more regions.
  4. Sort of an addendum to rule #3…The schools need to be somewhat close together if a neutral site is to be considered.  I would say that for a neutral site to be an option, it needs to be less than a 9 hour drive for each school.  From Stillwater this gives us the options of Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis, St. Louis, Houston, San Antonio, and Denver as neutral site possibilities.
  5. A second addendum to rule #3 (I’m appeasing the readers here since the top complaint about this site has always been “not enough addendums”). There would also need to be a strong alumni base from both schools in the host city for a neutral site to be considered. I understand that this would be a rule but I spent a while bing-ing the googles looking for this information and came up empty, so for the purposes of this article we will probably just have to ignore this rule. I will say, for whatever it is worth, that there are OSU alumni chapters in all of the above cities except Memphis.

So without further ado, here is a quick list.

Candidates with a Neutral Field Possibility

Location: Denver
9 hours from Stillwater
30 minutes from Boulder

Location: Denver
9 hours from Stillwater
8.5 hours from Salt Lake City

Ole Miss
Location: Memphis
7 hours from Stillwater
1.5 hours from Oxford

Location: St Louis
7 hours from Stillwater
6.5 hours from Madison

Location: Kansas City
5 hours from Stillwater to KC
5 hours from Iowa City to KC

LSU, Tennessee, Alabama, Miss St are also possibilities out of the SEC, but I thought it was good enough to choose one, and I think Ole Miss is a better matchup than any of those.  And yes I know that some of those schools already have non-conf series that would conflict, but I am just throwing out the most logical choices based on geography for now.

As for the list of schools we could alternate home games with, that list could probably be 50 schools long as a series with any random team from a BCS conference could eventually become a great rivalry.  However, I can only think of one school that is not in our region that would make an alternating home game series interesting right off the bat.

Oregon State
A yearly showdown to determine who the best orange and black clad OSU is.  All it needs is a clever rivalry name and this thing would be a huge hit right away. Here is me firing out some quick rivalry name ideas.

  • Black and Orange Beatdown
  • The “O” Series
  • The Mirror Rivalry
  • The Battle to be the 2nd Best OSU in the Nation

OK. Those names aren’t great… but there is small chance that there is someone out there that is better at thinking up rivalry names than I am (a very small chance) who could come up with the official name.

So what do you think?  Any other suggestions that would make an interesting neutral field or alternating home game series with Oklahoma State?  Come on… I need your involvement here to validate this idea.  This post’s self-esteem can’t take the hit of no one interacting with it, and I fear that without enough attention it will just fall by the wayside like so many great ideas on this site that never received proper follow up.  I mean Cincy would already have his train built if you guys had just shown a little interest.

Let me know what you think.  Would a Non-Conf series be beneficial to Oklahoma State?  Do you have any candidates in mind that I didn’t think of?  Do you like questions?

14 comments on “Potential Non-Conference Rivalries for Oklahoma State (reader involvement required)

  1. jasper
    July 29, 2010

    To be honest, I think the only realistic neutral field locations are Dallas and KC. Close and a lot of alumni in those cities.
    I kinda love the idea of a series with Oregon State as a home and home thing.

  2. CincyJoe
    July 29, 2010

    TCU in Dallas?

  3. rickytornado
    July 29, 2010

    I think Cincy’s suggestion is fairly valid. TCU’s fanbase is comparable to the size of OSU’s Dallas Alumni Chapter alone. So, count in the travel from Oklahoma residents and the existing Dallas fanbase and voila: instant neutral rivalry. I decree it done. Make it so.

  4. Pixton
    July 29, 2010

    While some people will travel 500-700 miles, I don’t think huge droves will get off their asses for a regular season non conference game. I agree that Dallas or KC are doable. Home and home with Oregon State seems pretty cool. What about ‘Zona or ASU?

  5. Pistol Pete's Mustache
    July 29, 2010

    How about a series with LSU that rotates year to year between Reliant in Houston and JerryWorld in Dallas? Leslie can let ‘er rip all she wants while we solidify our recruiting hotbeds.

  6. Samuel Bryant
    July 29, 2010

    I like TCU, I’m just not sure that OSU gains enough out of it. It is one of those games where if he win it isn’t that big of a deal, but if we lose it kills us. OSU wouldn’t have the upside that TCU would. It is the same problem Colorado has with their series with Colorado State.

    I like alternating home games with either Arizona school. I am up for a yearly tricking of some ASU girls into situations they will later regret.

    LSU is a great suggestion. I left them off because I liked the Ole Miss matchup better, but the proximity of OSU and LSU to Dallas and Houston, and the alumni bases both schools have in both cities make this one pretty desirable.

  7. CincyJoe
    July 29, 2010

    The more I think about it, I’d rather play the SMU and Tulsas of the world. Get a win and get to a bowl. We all know there’s nothing quite like bowl strange.

    Remember Purdue? Southern Miss? Alabama? Ole Miss?


  8. JJ
    July 29, 2010

    I think you guys are fucking hilarious. Thats why I read your stuff. Am not an OSU fan though. Not a hater either. Neutral site is road trip etc… but home & home does Stilly justice so why not both? Like say a Notre Dame (very winnable year in & out) in KC or even St Louis every 3 – 4 years. Then like a ‘zona/UCLA/san diego area home & home. Open some recruiting channels rather than strengthen & have a bitchin road trip. I agree most wont travel year in & out, then you got your stilly on the map

    • Samuel Bryant
      July 30, 2010

      Thanks for the kind words double J and great suggestion.

      I like this idea of not necessarily an annual series, but an every other year, or every 4 years, series. I can see a lot of benefits to doing it this way
      – the 2 or 4 years of buildup would make the game feel bigger than it is
      – we would have a lot more scheduling flexibility
      – all while still providing the same benefits as an annual series
      – in addition, the female fans of the opposing school would only have to take birth control every other year.

      Is there a precedent for this? Do any 2 schools have any sort of long standing series that isn’t annual?

      • Mike
        July 30, 2010

        The Mizzou/Illinois rivalry isn’t necessarily annual. They do it for two to four years in a row then skip some years and get back into it.

  9. Mike
    July 30, 2010

    I think LSU would be a great rivalry but mainly for the beef a lot of OSU fans have with Miles. I’m fairly sure the OSU fateful would travel anywhere for the opportunity to see us exact some revenge on The Hat.

  10. JJ
    July 30, 2010

    RED STICK …. (Baton Rouge) is a good road trip once. Period. You wanna die? Dont go back. Went with the spouse (Ole Piss grad) & friends who are Tigers. They are CUH RAZY…..

    Va Tech & SC had some kind of neutral game a couple of years I think.

    I like ND… its a match up dream for OSU offense. I am also kinda thinking how cool would it be to play at like Soldier Field? But I am a dreamer. In December we road tripped to Walt Disny World with the kiddos. It included stops in BatonRouge, Southern Miss, Fl State, Florida & the LA directionals. Ya just tgo say we did it. UF is a fucking toilet. That is the biggest shithole I have ever seen. It looks like a state hospital (mental) or prison in like arkansas. My 8 y/o son wouldnt get out of the car & piss on the ground! SERIOUSLY! He said “uh, lets go find a store, i can wait” UGH! Florida State is freaking amazing. LSU is a good college town like Stilly & Norman. Ya know the college is there, & blendy – not like a metro area.

  11. JJ
    July 30, 2010

    Um… i got it how about Iowa or Penn state. Beat up some peole who get WAAAAAAYYY too much respect. Play IOWA like in KC … truly neutral!!!! Yeah I like tha idea every 3 or 4 years

    • JJ
      July 30, 2010

      ok so i just read the list of possibilities sorry for the redundancy … its late

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