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Are You Still A Fan?

Warning; incoherent pretensionsness ahead

Warning: incoherent pretensionsness ahead

How many shitty blogs have blogged a blog about what it means to be a fan?* So of course that is the topic of the first post back. (By the way… wordpress? Is that still a viable avenue for getting those delicious views and visits? Important. Let’s circle back to this.)

*SBNation requires one per week.

But really, are you still a fan? It’s just the two of us (literally) talking here, you can tell me.  I mean that’s awesome, and I believe you, but I don’t see you being a fan anymore. Why don’t I see it? Good question… because I stopped looking for you. It is funny that we can make something so optional be so important. For 3 or 4 years of my life i wrote about Oklahoma State sports. I researched, I followed things, I looked in people’s windows (unrelated), I read other people’s things, I was always thinking about this topic. Then one day, I stopped. Nothing changed… honestly nothing. It just didn’t matter in the same way anymore. It felt silly. So I stopped. I still watch games, I catch related news through overhearing conversations and out of my peripheral vision, but most alumni would know more about Oklahoma State sports than I do right now.

Look, this isn’t Sam’s bloggy bio, that would actually be interesting, I am just a guy, standing in front of a wordpress, and asking it to like me (topical reference, perfectly targeted, good movie). I am just saying it isn’t worth it to me to follow news, to break news, to link to news, to stay topical, to publish or read anyone’s thoughts on the latest news related to the things I have told myself are my interests (but aren’t. I’m serious. Just stop watching a show you think you love, stop following “your team”, just stop. After a few weeks you really won’t think about it anymore. It’s all optional and very present-tense).

So my hilarious veneer of a title has a backbone of honesty to it. I really feel out of the loop, behind, and horny… the trifecta.  I am sure fans are still doing the same things. I am sure everyone (everyone?) is on twitter, laughing at Darren Rovell while we all look at our own follower counts (that actually is topical). I saw a post (I think on facebook.. or ashleymadison.. those are my sites) by Patton Oswalt about how he was taking the summer off from social media. He was going to live in moments and turn off the part of his brain that wants to get and give feedback to the world about each thing that happens and blah blah blah. It was easy to relate to. It made sense. It was a little preachy (see! no opinions!!). And I think it is the right trend…. albeit too extreme.

While this post continues to alternate between a blog suicide note (blogicideTM) and a tonal establishment, instead of concluding by smoothing things out with a nice summary, a return to topic, and establishment of next steps, I think it needs to end here. Sports are fun to watch, things that are fun to read are fun to read, and Fun is still a relevant band.  Did anyone ever listen to The Format?


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