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QUESTIONS ???????????


Blogger rule: make the title of your post a question, give your thoughts/answer in the post, re-phase the question at the end to encourage comments. This is not what this post is about, just informational. Do what you will with that.

I have some questions! Important stuff starts here:

1. Why does Oklahoma State, which boast one of only 50 or so turf management programs in the country, and one of the higher rated ones, have astroturf?

2. Did you know it is still called astroturf?

3. Has anyone made a documentary or written a book or something about the Stillwater music scene of 1999-ish? Every notable red dirt act was playing the Wormy Dog and Willies every night, and in between shows were playing people’s back porches. All-American Rejects were a couple of high school punks sneaking into bars to play open mics.

4. Why can you drive cars on the Strip? Wouldn’t it present better, flow better, and serve as more of a gathering point if it were a kind of walking mall?


3 comments on “QUESTIONS ???????????

  1. James
    July 17, 2014

    I refer you to this helpful diagram explaining out great state: http://i.imgur.com/Mqy7cEy.jpg

  2. I remember the All-American Rejects at Mike’s College Bar. They were too cool even when they were nothing.

  3. Really amazing when you think about the talent that was on the strip during that period in time. I remember being at Mikes watching AAR and Stoney/Boland came down to play while they were taking a break.

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