Wasted Optimism

We are back…. well, "back"

About The “Writers”

Samuel Bryant

Yes, I am THE Samuel Bryant (someone told me that people respect confidence). I am an Oklahoma State alumnus (Class of 66′ With Hard Dicks!!), a current resident of OKayC, and I fancy myself one of the “writers” here.

I have also written a little for Cracked.com and am currently collaborating with Cincy Joe on one epic poem.
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Ricky Tornado

I think biographies are for pussies.  No funeral for me.
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Cincinnati Joe

I’ve never been to Cincinnati and my name’s not Joe. Any other questions, please email cincyjoeck@gmail.com

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John Titmanson Jr.

JT Jr. here.  Your best “I just won the lottery” wet dream and worst “I just saw my parents fucking” nightmare all wrapped into one tightly rolled and vaguely dissatisfied package.  My writings are an enigma.  I’ll throw a jacket over a mud puddle to keep a pretty girl’s shoe’s from getting dirty and then I’ll push that same girl in front of DART train heading towards downtown Garland, Texas.  I like weed, corn dogs, hot girls and taking pictures of hot girls.  If you got a problem with any of that, talk to Art Briles.  He knows my score.
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